Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Sickness

This is what happens when you get the sickness.

You find yourself looking into the mirror longer than usual lately, to study yourself. You will ask all the necessary questions. Are your ribs more prominent than they were yesterday? Are your veins revealing themselves more than usual? Is your jawline growing sharper? Each day it seems to you the answer is no. Yet when you step on the scale today you're twelve pounds lighter than a week ago. The week before that you had lost six pounds. Back to the mirror. Nothing has changed about you. You still have the slight pudge on your stomach, the same as always, with the love handles to match. You can pinch the skin under your jaw still. Your ribs have yet to reveal themselves to you. At this point it is a choice. You have to trust in something. Will it be the scale or the mirror? You decide to throw out the scale.

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