Monday, December 17, 2012

Sheriff Beans

Sheriff Beans

Now there's a legend that I've heard about that came from the wild west. It was a hero among the villains that wore a sheriff's vest. With a smile like Clint Eastwood's he stopped crime by any means. This my friend is the legend of the mighty Sheriff Beans.

Born and raised in Bean Town this man had seen it all. Nobody stood up for Bean Town and the urchins began to crawl. The gangs they started forming they battled for the land. The men, the women, even children were dying by their evil hands. One day Beans said "I've had enough" and stepped up to the batter's plate. He cleaned up all the bad guys, the town was looking great. He swore to protect his people and to keep them in the clear. Everything was fine and dandy for sheriff Beans until the Clegg appeared.

His birth name was Clegg Ramos he lived a life of crime. He robbed the banks, he stole the women, he beat up on the blind. They say hes crazy, a man about to break. They say his father was Satan and his mother a rattlesnake. His mouth gave off a liquid that was toxic to normal folk. One drop of this mixture will surely drive you dope. It first infects your brain than your body takes a toll. You see hallucinations as it eats away your soul. The victim becomes a zombie to die in the desert scene. Nobody could stop this mad man... Till he met Ol Sheriff Beans.

Sheriff Beans had heard the whispers that The Clegg was on his way. The Sheriff strapped up his six shot, and walked out into the day. He lifted his nose into the wind, it had the scent of death. He swallowed up the air,he could take his final breath. The sky was red as the sun rose up across the dusty sky. Sheriff Beans was ready for battle, for failure was to die. The Clegg came storming in with hell upon his heels. He rode into the town square and yelled "where's your sheriff? I want to make him squeal." He sneered an evil grin as he reach and pulled his gun. The Clegg took aim at a boy as the father stepped in front of son. Sheriff Beans came running in ready to attack. He knew the odds were fifty fifty on ever coming back. The Sheriff stared down the villain as he said "I heard you called my name?" The Clegg returned by saying "Sheriff Beans. I'd like to play a game."

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