Monday, December 17, 2012


i like pineapples pineapples are good. pineapples are exotic and i am white so i like pineapples because they are not white. i like chinese food even though it has been white-ified. chinese food is good. i like italian food too even though it is not real. these different things are fun because they are not white. white is boring. white is familiar. i have eaten up white things up for a very long time. that is why i like non-white things. i think non-white things are better because they like to consider things differently. they are group-oriented a lot of the time. that is what is so great about these exotic non-white things. i like papaya and durian even though durian smells bad. the worst thing is that they are hard to get good. good exotic things that are a little bit white are not hard to get. that is nice because they are things that might scare others who do not accept non-white things as easily as me. my father is non-white.

my mother is white but her old family members that do not live are non-white. she is very white. my whole life was mostly white except for sometimes when my father included us in non-white activities. especially the non-white holidays. those were the best. i wonder what it is like to grow up in a non-white place. non-white places seem so vibrant even though people live there and people are still bad. bad people can be non-white but they usually go bad when they meet white-ified people. sometimes they meet-non-white people who are white.

i really do like pineapples. they come from places where is is hot. non-white people harvest lots of them for us people who live faraway in white places. these white places were stolen from non-whites. being white is boring. being non-white is exotic.

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