Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"...desirous of everything of everything at the same time..."

    “The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time...”


     Eve picked her way through the meadow, feeling the long grasses brush against her legs. The sun hung low over the field and occasionally she would raise her face to its kiss and smile. The air was smoother than usual somehow. There was something very different about the way the air moved around her. It simultaneously made her want to dance through the long plush grass and hide somewhere in the dark, cool depths of the earth, where she could never be found. She followed the floating scent of gently decomposing fruit, that sweet, spicy musk that emanated from the bases of the fruit trees. She didn’t realize where she was headed until she was standing in front of it.
     It was a tree unlike any other. It was tall and covered in blindingly white bark that peeled away seductively when you pulled at it. Underneath, the trunk was as soft as butter. Eve pressed her thumb into the flesh of the tree and thick red sap leaked from its pores. She pulled her finger away and looked at the crimson, sticky syrup on her finger. It smelled unlike anything else in the Garden. She felt her lips parting in desire and her breath came a little faster, catching in her throat everytime a new whiff of the scent met her tongue. Her heartbeat in her ears blocked out the bird shrilling a warning from a neighboring bush.
      “Eve” Her heart stopped and she whirled around, expecting to come face to face with Him. Instead, one of his messengers stood a few feet from her, his palms up in a symbol of peace. She squinted at him, unsure of why he had come.
      “Gabriel?” Her eyes studied his face, feeling woefully ignorant. Her father had millions of messengers, all stunningly beautiful and all had a tendency to sneak up on people.
      His laugh was like the slow tinkling of a tiny stream. “I’m afraid Gabriel is.. tied up at the moment.”
      She wasn’t sure what else to say. He was more beautiful than most of them, if it was even possible. But more than beautiful, there was something about his eyes that flashed and caught her up. She always found the angels’ eyes to be disturbing, black and flat, a mere reflection of what they were looking at. She took a step closer.
      “What does He call you?”
      “He calls me many things,” his eyes glinted, the way Adam’s sometimes would when she touched him. “But he often calls me Satariel.”
      Eve felt a ripple of uncertainty run through her limbs.
      “Eve.” He reached out and touched her cheek. “I’ve been sent on a mission. He has been watching you. He knows the desire of your heart. And he wants to give it to you.”
   Eve felt her heart quicken again.  She licked her lips again and wiped the sap across her thigh. “But...” He walked around her slowly and ran a finger down her shoulder.
      “Eve.” his voice was as quiet as a whisper in her ear. “I’ve seen you. I know your capacity for kindness, your wisdom and tenacity. I know what you truly want.” He reached up and plucked the dark purple fruit hanging in front of her. His fingernail bit into the tense flesh.
      He turned her around and held the fruit before her “Knowledge, Eve. Beyond anything you have imagined. Instantly. He loves you, and He wants you to join in His knowledge and rule the world with Him. By His side. As His equal. The only thing that sets you apart is knowledge.” His finger pressed deeper into the flesh of the fruit. Deep red juice ran down his white marble skin.
      Eve looked deep into his endless eyes and took a bite.

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